City Council holds Public Budget hearing, waits on Raising Canes',

During its regular , 2016 meeting, the Forney City Council met and (this is a preliminary report, subject to revision):

  • Presentation to Ava Davis for her charitable spirit and donation to the Animal Shelter.
    Mayor Wilson explained she setup a lemonade stand and gave the proceeds to the animal shelter.
  • Approved, as consent items:
    • a resolution amending authorized representatives for Texpool accounts.
    • Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Fund contracts for FY 2017.
    • Acceptance of the public improvements for the Vintage Meadows subdivision, Phase 1.

  • Held a public hearing on the proposed FY 2016-2017 budget.
    Ms. Woodham presented a slide show. Tax rate is the same as proposed in workshop. 65% of water goes to water districts. The average user increase is $2 / month, seniors would increase $1. The rate is still lower than most other cities. CIP has added funds for Mulberry Park.
    Mayor Wilson asked if the water rate decreased, should the rate still increase. Ms. Woodham said the expenses remain,

    Mr. Regan said funding PD & Fire is important. Mr. Stephens expressed thanks. Ms. Penn asked about the unfunded items.
    There was no public input.

  • Mr. Fisher explained TxDOT still reviewing the situation, applicant agreed to wait
    Ms. Powers asked how long it will take TxDOT - probably another week. She asked about traffic engineer - Mr . Fisher said they have hired one, they want to make sure the situation doesn't get worse. Ms. Powers asked if any bids were necessary - no.
    Tabled indefinitely these three items:
    • Discuss and consider approval of a preliminary plat for the Broad Street East Addition, located east of F.M. 548 and south of U.S. Highway 80.
    • Discuss and consider approval of a final plat for the Broad Street East Addition, located east of F.M. 548 and south of U.S. Highway 80.
    • Discuss and consider approval of a site plan for Raising Cane’s, located east of F.M. 548 and south of U.S. Highway 80.

  • Approved a Resolution declaring that the proposed conveyance of the land located at 505 E. Highway 80 back to Texas Lamp Manufacturers serves a public purpose of economic development.
    Ms. Woodham briefed council re the $500k loan done in 1996, Texas Lamp has made payments, wants to exercise purchase option, staff recommends approval.
    Mr. Johnson asked how many jobs they brought to Forney - Mr. Ketteman doesn't know, thinks the agreement was for 40.
  • Approved an ordinance authorizing the City Manager to sign a Special Warranty Deed to convey City owned real property located at 505 E. Highway 80 to Texas Lamp Manufacturers, Inc.
  • Approved appointment of Ms. Woodham as the one non-voting member to the Board of Directors of the Fox Hollow Public Improvement District No. 1.
    Ms. Corson briefed council, recommended Ms. Woodham now that Chris Metz has left the city.
  • Approved a Request for Proposals for construction services for the Irish Ridge Sewer Improvements.
    Mr. Dormeyer said this will open up property along 1641 for sanitary sewer. There is an 18' line available,

    Mayor Wilson asked if the was complete, and who funded it - the city did. Mayor Wilson asked if this was just a proposal - yes, and it will come back as two different bids. Mayor Wilson said originally would have been on mckellar property -

  • Discuss and consider the October 4, 2016, City Council meeting and National Night Out.
    Mr. Fisher explained sometimes council members were expected to appear at events, if they would like to change the meeting day or have a very short one. After some negotiation, a 5pm meeting start was approved.
  • Held a 70-minute executive session re:
    1. Luminant/La Frontera Holdings
    2. Markout Water Supply
    3. Next Lots, LLC v. City of Forney, et al.
    4. Cody Wesberry

  • Approved an Ordinance designating an Industrial District for the Luminant Property and approval of an Industrial District Agreement with the property owner.
    Mr. Thatcher explained the ordinance designates a district, authorized by state law, immune from annexation for duration of the agreement, previously the council took action to approve the terms.
    This will become Forney Industrial District #1.
  • Public input - none.
  • City Mangers report - Mr. Fisher said been here officially 1 week, lot of projects, great employees. TML meeting, PD chief search 35 applicants so far, hope to be down to 10 by 29th, have citizen and staff panels to reduce to 4 or 5. Probably will not have one selected by the time chief Barnes rides into the sunset.
    Quiet Zone - waiting for response from RR, after which will have 21 days.
    Hopes to be moving to Forney soon.
    Agenda packets will try to have them out by Thursday. Has changed the email so it goes to every council member.
    Mr. Stephens asks about inter-local agreement w/ football league - Mr. Fisher has not started on it yet.
    Ms. Penn asked about the flags being replaced out front - soon, he hopes.
    Mayor Wilson asked about Metz - Ron Sullivan introduced himself, currently under contract w/ SGR to Forney.
  • Council Comments Mr. Johnson expects things to be moving. Ms. Penn welcome new staff, has concerns, which they have already met. Mr. Regan thanks staff for work on budget. Mr. Stephens staff phenomenal job on budget, to john - is impressed w/ Luminant work. Mr. McGee thanks . Mayor Wilson thanks Ava, and national night out, thanks John & James, and Luminant, difficult to get 7 attorneys to agree, thanks them for contribution to city, thanks Mr. Stephens & Mr. Regan for work on agreement.
Tuesday, 2016, September 6