Forney City Council awards $ to Food Pantry, waits on Fox Hollow PID financing

During its regular (but early) October 04, 2016 meeting, the Forney City Council met and (this is a preliminary report, subject to revision):

  • Fire Prevention Week Proclamation - Mayor Wilson, surrounded by Fire Dept. personnel, read a proclamation about checking smoke alarms proclaiming Oct. 9 - 15 as Fire Protection Week.
  • Presentation of the GFOA Award to Ms. Woodham
  • City of Forney BBQ Cook Off Event and Festival Donation to the Forney Food Pantry - Mayor Wilson & Mr. Curry presented a large check for $1,895.00.
  • Approved, as consent items:
    • a resolution approving the City’s investment policy and broker’s list.
    • a deadline extension for Forney Historical Preservation League (FHPL) 2015-16 HOT Funds grant for Grand Opening advertising expenses.

  • After removing this item from the consent agenda, approved a Resolution naming the Forney Messenger as the City’s official newspaper for fiscal year 2016-2017.
    Mr. Regan asked why the city isn't able to use internet-based news source. Mr. Fisher said State legislature has considered this several times, and always ruled it must be a print edition. Mr. Regan said internet base has grown so much. Ms. Powers asked about online blogs - Mr. Thatcher said the charter states it must be a newspaper of general circulation, defined by TX AG as one with a subscription greater than de minimis. The legislature has addressed what constitutes an official newspaper: at least 25% of the column be general interest issues; published at least once each week; have second-class postal permit; be regularly published for at least 12 months. Must be hard-copy, and other requirements, as set by the city charter. Mr . Stephens stated citizens saw this on the agenda, inforney probably runs circles around other media, citizens have asked. Mr. Thatcher addressed the legislatures' inability to adress this. Mr. Regan asked subscriptive - does that mean a measure of outreach? Mr. Thatcher said must be general publication, must be more than de minimis, must be available to significant percentage of the population.
    Mayor Wilson said the two steps: would have to change the charter, and legislators would need to act. Mr. Thatcher said often times changes to the charter follow changes in state law.
    Mr. Stephens said it's important that citizens know that.
  • Held a 47-minute executive session re:

    • Consult with the City’s attorney to seek advice on matters in which the attorney’s duty to the governmental body under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct conflicts with Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code, and regarding:
    • Fox Hollow PID

  • Tabled until Oct. 18 a resolution approving the Amended and Restated Public Improvement District Development and Financing Agreement with Bleriot Forney #1, Ltd., authorizing the City Manager to execute the Agreement.
  • Approved the annual update to the Fox Hollow Public Improvement District No. 1 service plan as approved and submitted by the Board of Directors.
    Ms. Woodham said this is a maintenance plan, staff recommends approval.
  • Approved the annual cost of Special Services provided by the Fox Hollow Public Improvement District No. 1 and the annual assessment of $0.12 per $100 valuation.
    Ms. Woodham said is this also pertains to the maintenance PID, staff recommends approval.
  • Public input - none.
  • City Manager’s Report: Friday Oct 21 Chief Barnes' retirement event. Bids in for Irish Ridge project, all under budget. National Night Out, at Skyline, Grayhawk, Mustang Creek Park. Waiting for TXdot review to take Bois D'arc off state system. Planning for council retreat, possibly 1/2 day.
    Mr. Regan said the entrance near walmart has become dangerous again, would like to exercise whatever leverage the city has.
    Ms. Penn asked about the quiet zone. Mr Fisher said still waiting on letter from railroad. Ms. Penn asks about veterans day event - Mr. Curry said Saturday, Nov. 5. Ms. Penn said new guy at VFW wants to coordinate with it.
  • Mayor Wilson skips over council comments and adjourns the meeting.
Tuesday, 2016, October 4