City Council moves forward with ETJ annexation planning, insurance contrib's for retirees

During its regular October 18, 2016 meeting, the Forney City Council met and (this is a VERY preliminary report, subject to revision):

    Mayor Wilson Proclamed Oct. 31st as Rick Barnes day.
  • Approved as consent items:
    • a preliminary plat for the Kroger Drive North Addition, located west of F.M. 548 and north of Kroger Drive.
    • a final plat for the Kroger Drive North Addition, located west of F.M. 548 and north of Kroger Drive.
    • a site plan for Pristine Car Wash, located west of F.M. 548 and north of Kroger Drive.
    • a revised site plan for Sneh Plaza, located west of F.M. 548 and north of U.S. Highway 80.
    • a resolution approving a turnback request to the Texas Department of Transportation to commence the negotiation process for transfer of a portion of Bois D'Arc Street (FM 740) and authorize the Mayor to execute the request.
    • the reappointment of Margaret Spain as Municipal Presiding Judge and the execution of a contract for services.
    • the reappointment of Wade Gent as Associate Municipal Judge and the execution of a contract for services.
    • the reappointment of Cathy Mason Penn as Associate Municipal Judge and the execution of a contract for services.

  • Held a public hearing to consider an Ordinance approving a variance to Section 4.02 of the City of Forney Code of Ordinances, which requires 300-foot spacing between a place of business selling alcoholic beverages and a day care/child care center. The request is made by a business intending to operate at 425 Pinson Road.
    Mr. Morgan explained the ordinance does allow for variances; the measurement to the day care was 90 ft, to the church which is measured from front door to right-of-way to nearest door of church was 350 ft.
    Mayor Wilson called the first speaker, Jim Duncan - Rita Disspain said he had to leave, signed a letter, just before the meeting, saying he does not contest the business.
    Paul Schnee fulltime staff pastor at fellowship baptist spoke against the variance.

    Shaun Myers spoke in favor citing convenience, popularity of craft items and tax revenue.

    There was discussion about the variances previously granted to Brookshires and Madres' Cocina.
    Mayor Wilson said the business was welcome in Forney, but questioned this location.

    Rick Lemons - has previously said wouldn't make alcohol an issue, but will now. This violates the charter. He's not opposed to the business, but is opposed to putting it next to a church.
    Deborah Lassiter? this is very close to children, any place that sells alcohol provides brown bags where pl drink on site, it's a congested area, too many children. Alcoholics will drink warm products, in the parking lot, they will drink mouthwash.
    Kendal Milton - drinks beer & wine, would appreciate not driving somewhere else to buy it. There are other places that sell alcohol there.

    Mr. Stephens & Mr. Regan move to approve, Mayor Wilson no.

  • Approved the retiree health insurance requirements with a determination of any City contribution towards premiums.
    Ms. Corson spoke, they surveyed other cities, the contributions were everywhere from 0 to 100%. Staff recommend employees with 5 years pay 50%, for 20 yrs the city pays 75%.

  • Mayor Wilson moves the Public Input to allow input on the annexation item:
    A number of residents from Melody, Pecan and Hollow Creek spoke, addressing concerns about drainage, taxes, regulations and rural living - will be updating this section...
  • Approved authorizing staff to prepare a service plan to annex extra-territorial jurisdiction properties adjacent to City of Forney city limits, excluding Colonial Estates, Hollow Creek & area next to Grayhawk.
    this was a lengthy and heated discussion, details to follow.

  • Held a

    47-minute executive session re:

  • Authorized city manager to provide retirement package for Chief Barnes.
  • Approved a resolution approving the Amended and Restated Public Improvement District Development and Financing Agreement with Bleriot Forney #1, Ltd., by extending the date only, authorizing the City Manager to execute the Agreement. [Tabled at the 10-4-16 meeting]

  • Approved an Economic Development Corporation incentive for Forney RMKP, LLC (Hampton Inn) project.
    Mayor Wilson & Mr. Stephens recuse themselves. Thatcher explains why they are recused, and as both mayor + pro-tem are out, it's up to city secretary to ask for someone to lead. She asks Mr. Regan. Mr. Ketteman said it was his honor to be last action item for Chief Barnes tenure. Mr. Patel approached EDC, which on Sep 8 approved 100k + 25k if adds a fast food restaurant.

  • City Manager’s Report - Oct 21 @ 3, Barnes retirement. Council retreat, Unity Parade 29th, Trail of Treats; Redbud Nov. 3 @ 6:30 at Criswell public meeting on construction project; TIF board meeting; Luminant wants to donate 3 or 4 trees; for 2016 election city is working with county, posting info on early voting, key thing is to look at what voter pct, not county pct. Quiet Zone letters from RR as soon as they sign off, maybe by holiday there will be no horn.

  • Took no action re: executive session items:
    • Kametra Barbour, et al. v. City of Forney, et al.
    • Staten v. Adesa Texas Inc. and Matt Hutchins
    • The Villages of Fox Hollow Public Improvement District No. 1
    • Police Chief

  • Council comm - everyone thanked chief barnes for his service. Chief Barnes thanked them for the insurance plan, it has weighed on his mind, it will help the city in the future. In 37 years been to 850+ meetings, not all have been fun, he applauds all who took the time to get on the council.
    Mayor Wilson mentioned October is breast cancer awareness month.
Tuesday, 2016, October 18