City Council approves applying for body armor grant

During its regular Oct. 17, 2017 meeting, the Forney City Council met and in summary:

  • Proclaimed October Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • Proclaimed October Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • as consent items:
    • Approved a preliminary plat for Juan Aguinaga Office Addition, block 1, lot 1, located east of Pinson Road (F.M. 740) and north of Redbud Drive.
    • Mayor Wilson left the chambers. Council approved in one motion:
      • a preliminary plat for the North Texas Municipal Water District Forney Addition, lots 1 and 2, block 1, located north of East Broad Street and west of Regal Drive.
      • a final plat for the North Texas Municipal Water District Forney Addition, lots 1 and 2, block 1, located north of East Broad Street and west of Regal Drive.

  • Mayor Wilson returned
  • Approved a resolution approving the Interlocal Assistance Agreement for Fire and Explosion Investigations with the Kaufman County Fire Marshals Association.
    John Holcomb addressed council - they have formed an association to help with fire investigations, this will give them permission to help in Kaufman and surrounding counties.
  • Approved a Resolution authorizing the Forney Police Department to apply and accept a grant for the purchase of body armor that protects officers from rifle rounds.

  • Approved a resolution approving a Chapter 380 Grant Agreement with Horizon Homes, LLC.
    Mr. Thatcher explained this is similar to an existing agreement the city has with another builder. State allows this if buying over $8k of items not for resale. Horizon expects to build 239 homes in Gateway. City will receive 20% of the 1% sales tax they would get if the builder were buying items here, plus the 1/2 cent for EDC and property tax relief. Annual income would be $167k to the city.
  • Approved funding for the Forney Downtown Business Association in the amount of $3,000 for implementation of a mobile app.
    Mr. Medford explained this was a hot-fund item that was pulled, were going to combine it with city app, but that isn't feasible.
  • Pulled Thoroughfare Plan presentation, due to conflicts with rep's from Lee engineering.
    Mr. McGee asked if was a way to turn into a workshop, if could put maps up for public input. Mr. Medford said he was going to recommend that. Mr. Moon asked if they could be provided the material in advance.
  • City Manager’s report - Trinity St: about 2 week turnaround on punch list. College Ave fence, contacted 29 homes, 23 responded; downtown project: main st is open, trees planted today, bricks laid today, bois d'Arc should open end of month. Mr. Johnson mentioned the curb on new street, they looked at it, may be an issue bc of the medians for quiet zone. Mr. Medford said TXDOT has provided 3 options. Mr. McGee asked if bricks with no names were available for sale. Ms. Penn asked why trail of treats is 4-6, that was an issue last year, lot of unhappy kids, why still 4 - 6? She asked if mosquito spraying was still happening - Kyle said last ones were tomorrow. Mr. McGee what spraying costs - unknown. Mr. Myers asked if will revist those who not respond on College Ave fence. Mr. Myers asked if they were checking with residents on Trinity to make sure no other problems. Mayor Wilson said months ago talked about better lighting at rr xings - Mr. Medford said have a meeting tomorrow, will bring it up. Mayor Wilson asked for update on access roads - Mr. Medford said did not get an Estimated Time to Completion on that. Mr. Moon asked if do crime prevention for time change? Mr. Johnson thanks Mr. Medford for doing the training program, which his for all employees. Mr. McGee - 380 agreement is asset to city and builders, can recommend it to others? Mr. Thatcher said it has become more popular with high volume builders, but some don't want the burden. Mr. Myers asked if adding dirt to the ruts at entrance near Walmart is going to be the solution - Mr. Medford said still an outstanding issue. Mr. Myers suggested a light at Rogers and 548? Ms. Powers asked for one at Chestnut & Broad. Mr. Medford: upcoming events trail of treats, Blackburn elem site visit Nov 9. Upcoming meetings: should do a retreat with boards and commissions.

  • Held a 60-minute executive session re:
    • Interim City Manager
    • City Manager
    • Development Agreement with Forney Market Place

  • Took no action after executive session. Adjourned at 8:34
Tuesday, 2017, October 17