City selects another interim City Manager

During its regular Nov. 07, 2017 meeting, the Forney City Council met and in summary:

  • Held a 76-minute executive session re:
    • Interim City Manager
    • City Manager

  • Municipal Courts Week Proclamation

  • Moved to appoint Paul Stevens as interim City Manager, pending background check. Approved 6-1 vote
  • Public Comment
    • Mr. Austin spoke about the number of homes built in the area, wants to see more fire stations, due to delays from the large number of trains.

  • Approved as consent items:
    • acceptance of the public improvements for Bush's Chicken.
    • the quarterly investment report ending 9/30/17.

  • Held public hearings:
    • Approved an Ordinance amending the City of Forney Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance to provide an approval process for if the Architectural Review Board fails to meet or make a determination on a request within a specified amount of time.
      Mr. Morgan said this was a staff-initiated change, due to occasions where the board could not raise a quorum. This change would send the request to the P&Z, and could then be appealed to council.
      There was no public input.
      Mr. Myers asked what would happen if too many people on P&Z had conflicts - it would go to council. Mayor Wilson asked if staff considered similar procedure for P&Z - Mr. Morgan said hasn't been a need in 10 yrs for P&Z.
    • Approved an Ordinance levying special assessments against the assessable property within the Fox Hollow Public Improvement District No. 1 (Maintenance PID) and approving a final Service and Assessment Plan, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 372 of the Texas Local Government Code. The PID contains approximately 813.605 acres of land generally located southeast of FM 548 between FM 1641 and FM 741 (Fox Hollow).
      Mr. Thatcher briefed council about two hearings - PID is a financing tool for cities, it is not a separate entity. He explained the process for creating a PID. A PID may finance infrastructure items, along with libraries. Financing is usually through PID bonds, which are paid by property owners. The city may be reimbursed for staff time and expenses.
      Mr. McGee said he was against any PID, but Rhae is going to become 5&6th grade, so traffic will increase on Monitor - will that be completed to 2 lanes each way? Mr. Thatcher said that was an item for reimbursement.
      Dennis from Fox Hollow wanted to verify their assessment of 12c would not be changed, and have monitor blvd expanded. He is on the HOA items in ph 1 were not completed in a timely fashion, and expressed concern about co-mingling of funds. He suggested having requirement for time of completion. Mr. Thatcher said any existing homeowner in Fox would remain at 12c. The new section will have additional fees for the capital PID. Mr. Thatcher reaffirmed current homeowners would remain 12c. Dennis said items such as sidewalks were never completed, so they can't be maintained.. Mr. Thatcher said the maintenance PID has an annual budget, and an admin committee, can take a look at the issue, the HOA can petition to dissolve the maintenance PID. Mayor Wilson suggested they may want to have items completed if they have been funded. Mr. McGee addressed sidewalks at 7-11, will come with development. Dennis said they have been promised for quite some time. Ms. Powers asks the developers atty if she was aware of the issues raised; she does not but will investigate, and says the maintenance PID before them tonight does not have budget for construction. Recently the city hired an admin company for the PID.
    • Approved an Ordinance levying special assessments against the assessable property within The Villages of Fox Hollow Public Improvement District No. 1 (Capital PID) and approving a final Service and Assessment Plan. The PID contains approximately 299.394 acres of land generally located southeast of FM 548 between FM 1641 and FM 741 (Fox Hollow).
      Mr. Johnson asked if are enough controls to insure Monitor will be completed - Mr. Thatcher said there are no dates in the PID, there is a requirement for escrow funds. Mr. Moon asked if there were any options to trigger this quicker? Not really...
      Developer attorney spoke said she understands their concern about Monitor, hasn't been mentioned that if the levies the assessment but developer does nothing, they still have to pay the levies, so are very incentivized to complete Monitor. Mr. McGee again stressed potential traffic issues at Rhae.
    • Hearing only for a voluntary annexation of an approximately 309.103 acre tract of land situated in the James S. Ramsey Survey, Abstract No. 414 generally located between FM 740 and FM 548south of Pecan Lane.
      Mr. Thatcher said this was voluntary, but still required to hold 2 public hearings.
      There was no public input.

  • Approved a Resolution approving the City’s investment policy and broker’s list.
    Investment Rep said there are items that have the market on edge; economies are moving toward global normalization. Unemployment. Inflation is necessary. It has been a great 7 years to sell bonds.
  • Approved a Resolution accepting a Special Warranty Deed from Wynne/Jackson, Inc. for 0.787 acres of land.
    Mr. Thatcher explained this is a piece in the N. corner to be used for elevated water storage tank.
  • Considered the presentation of the Compensation Plan.
    Mr. Medford briefed the council, then Katy from DC Muni Consulting said was started in Aug. Used 11 cities for comparison. Overall, pay plan is structurally sound. Promotional position in public safety needed changes. Several positions need to be moved upd at least one grade. $6200. 3 positions need to be moved to non-exempt. PD & FD step plan - recommending changes for both, will need to transition every employee. $155k, should budget increases annually. They suggest the city review job descriptions periodically, create a tuition reimbursement program, and create employee development plans. Review hiring practices, develop a succession plan for city management, do a market analysis every 2-3 yrs by 3rd party.
    Mr. Johnson asked about PD & FD steps, have a situation where a supervisor who could make less than people they oversee. Katy said she understands city has a 5% promotion step policy.
    Chief Sherwin said there prelim info in March was PD paid below market, he thanked council for raising that 7%. They worked to reduce steps. After compensation study was complete, they averaged the pay, used that to recommend 54k start w/ 7 steps and 5% per step. agreed on 3% starting pay, 8 steps... ... Sherwin spoke to Mr. Johnson issue - he said there is an overlap based on the market. They could remove one position and eliminate overlap. Sherwin said comm officers underpaid, recommend 6% increase, one detention officer needs 10%. The officers are happy with proposed plan.
    FD - negotiated removing 1st step in driver/operator to avoid overlap situation. Total transition cost $136k. There will not be a FF higher than driver/operator. Step increases will continue to be at start of Fiscal Year; association prefers increases on hiring anniversary, but will compromise.
    Mr. Medford reviewed the total transition cost is 351k, had earmarked 225k, will defer this plan until 1/2 thru Fiscal Year in Mar. 1 2018. Mayor Wilson asked if the chiefs and associations were ok with the delay - yes. Mr. Myers asks if general government employees have issues with the plans - Mr. Medford will be meeting with staff to discuss.
    Approved starting the plan on Mar. 1.
  • Approved (on 4-3 vote) the authorization of a change order request for the construction at the intersection at Trinity Street (Elm) and Bois D’ Arc and to authorize additional funding for the Downtown Enhancement Project.
    Ms. McCuiston briefed council about the area at Front St and Bois D'arc then turned it over to Richard Dormier. He addressed the misalignment coming S-bound after RR tracks, said striping will be sufficient. Stop sign on Front needs to be moved. Because it is withing 25' of RR tracks, UP must be involved, increases cost. Mr. Moon talks about the dip - Ms. McCuiston said they reviewed that with the contractor - Chris said it is due to the ADA crossing, to fix it would require going further up the road, beyond their limits, and that would cause drainage problems.
    Mr. Ketteman said traffic used to be too fast through that area, is slower now, and the lanes are legit, full 12' wide. There is not enough in contingency fund for this plus the issue at Trinity/Elm. Sullivan said when laid 18" drain found wasn't enough grade. If pull the grade up, it will drain and allow for ada crosswalk. This was not included in the original project; they will remove the headwall and enclose the drainage. Ms. Penn asked whose faux pas this was, it's embarrassing. Ms. McCuiston said this wasn't in the original design. Sullivan said the scope ended at Enos parking lot. Ms. McCuiston said this project will extend to end of Enos parking lot? Ms. Penn asked if that enhancing downtown? Mr. Ketteman: yes. Ms. Penn: this is a necessity. Mayor Wilson asked if TxDOT would agree - Mr. Sullivan said they already have. Ms. McCuiston said contractor is on standby, ready to go, try to complete in 4 wks. Mr. Johnson said original project was excess of 1 mill, then some had to be cut down, was this one of the things removed? Mr. Ketteman said original was going around Elm St, drainage is sub-standard.
    Ms. McCuiston then spoke about adding flag poles, colored LED lighting and monument signs to be added in the paver area. Ms. Penn said it looks nice, but have this necessity to take care of. Ms. McCuiston said this
    will be 3rd tim to fix this area, has been a disaster for over 10 years. Mayor Wilson said will pass on the flagpoles and enhancements.
    Ms. McCuiston said with 50k from EDC, 123k is available. There was a discussion about downtown benches - 12 were donated by Parks dept, other businesses would like some, staff would like to have them all match. It would take 5 more.
    Approved on 4-3 vote
  • Approved a Resolution approving and authorizing the Mayor to execute a PID Reimbursement Agreement for The Villages of Fox Hollow Public Improvement District No. 1 between the City of Forney and Bleriot Forney #1, Ltd.
    Mr. Thatcher said this was continuation of Public Hearing earlier. Total $4.5mil. Ms. Penn asked if council was approving and the mayor would just sign it - correct.
  • Approved a Resolution approving Amendment #2 to the Wholesale Water Contract with High Point W.S.C.
    Mr. Thatcher said the next 4 items are tied together, there is increased demand for water, which will be done by new tower and improvements to #2. Ms. McCuiston asked if Kaufman opted out in ph 1, now that are joining in do they have to pay? Mr. Thatcher said Markout is not participating in this round, Kaufman will have to pay for ph 1? Ms. Penn said more water means new growth. Mayor Wilson asked if any outstanding issues with contracts - no. Mr. Moon asked if can adjust water prices - yes, these are 25 yr contracts, but can be renegotiated. ???
  • Approved a Resolution approving Amendment #3 to the Wholesale Water Contract with Talty SUD.
  • Approved a Resolution approving the Amended and Restated Wholesale Water Contract with Kaufman County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1A.
  • Approved the authorization to allow staff to seek request for proposals for the construction of the new 5 million gallon ground storage reservoir and construct improvements to Pump Station No. 2. To increase pumping capacity from 12 M.G.D. (million gallons daily) to 27 M.G.D.
    Mayor Wilson asked if this was just to get what capacity is needed; Mr. Dormier said also for future, Forney probably has 2 pumping capacity as needed. Mayor Wilson said mainly building this for customers, not the city.
  • Approved the authorization to allow staff to seek request for proposals for the maintenance and upgrades to the Aimee Street Water Tower.
    Mr. Sullivan said the N tower bids were above expected, coming back to provide standard maintenance for the tower. Will do it during winter. Mr. Johnson said the shower event was a SCADA issue, not a tower issue - Mr. Sullivan agreed, was due to a power surge.
  • Approved an Ordinance amending the Forney EDC 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget.
    Mr. Ketteman said this is to allocate 50k for downtown, and 239k for monies that were not moved from last yrs budget.
  • Approved the Ellen Brooks West Memorial Library of Forney Governance amendments.
    Mr. Medford said this is a governance policy, approved in summer by ISD.
  • Approved authorizing City Manager to execute a contract with Swagit Productions, LLC for the provision of video streaming services for City Council meetings.
    Mr. Medford said this was to promote transparency. Mr. McGee asked about the audio - it will tie into existing system.
  • City Manager’s report - Mr. Medford said hy 80 should complete dec 18? Trinit on final punch list, were having some issues with mailboxes. Redbug major util relo, about 1 yr to complete, it in hands of Atmos. Ms. Penn asked if gas line had to be completly finished b4 start redbud - mostly. College ave fence . Pumpers - will take about 1 yr, within budget. Events - vet day 3-4, bsktball courts be closed for xmas in park, dec 2 12-8, thurs visitors from blackwell. Mr. Myers parking / speeding along claybon? sherwin said the spoke with gamble, she is satisfied with situation. A volunteer is helping. haven't seen speeding issue on college. re pavers in front - 149 empty ones, where would funds go, do a plaque so can tell the original ones. cost to engrave $20, overhead about $60.
  • Council Comments - Mr. McGee thk staf for salary study, former forney ball player, video shared many times; Mr. Myers thk staf, esp. Mr. Medford, happy getting employees to market; Ms. Powers happy for FD & PD, thnks sherwin for working on claybon issue; Mr. Moon thks staff; Ms. Penn ditto; Mr. Johnson kudos to staff & employees, postive sign assoc working with staff; Rw thk staf, willing to invest , recog vet day.
  • Adjourned at about 2220.
Tuesday, 2017, November 7