Council gets ISO #1 rating, reconsiders Raising Cane's

During its regular Dec. 05, 2017 meeting, the Forney City Council met and in summary:

  • Presentation regarding the City's #1 ISO rating.
    Chief Townsend stated the City's #1 ISO rating was a community effort, then introduced Mr. Bradley with I.S.O. who said they are not a state agency or regulatory agency. They rate communities by considering Fire Dept., water systems, communications center, Fire Marshal and City Council. Only 305 out of 38000 communities in the nation achieve this rating. Jessie Williams from the State Fire Marshals' office spoke to approve the ISO rating. In Texas only 56 have this highest rating. Insurance rates should be lower due to this rating, which will be effective on Jan 1, 2018.
  • Public Comment
    • Mr. Austin spoke about having a firehouse on the South side of town, would like to complain about how close the houses are. He also mentioned traffic problems in regard to response times. He feels PD & FD are top 2 priorities.

  • Approved as consent item(s):
    • an agreement with Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) of Texas for employee health insurance.

  • Approved the Animal Shelter Policy and Procedure Manual.
    Mr. Morgan briefed council on the process for the manual, he said they will show the capacity level on city website, along with available animals. The Animal Shelter board approved the manual.
  • Approved a Resolution approving a Professional Services Agreement between the City of Forney and Stone Creek Veterinary Hospital for the provisions of veterinary services.
    Mr. Morgan said they contacted all local vets, two responded, based on pricing they recommend Stone Creek, raising adoption fees will cover the costs. Mr. Moon asked why such a discrepancy, and when the contract ends. Mr. Morgan said he believes they are new and priced to get customers; there is no end date. Mayor Wilson asked if they will bid out periodically. Mr. Thatcher said there are terms, initial 2-year period with 1-year extensions.

  • Approved an Ordinance amending the Master Fee Schedule regarding animal adoption fees.
    Mr. Morgan said this raises the fee from 25 to 75 if needs sterilization, 35 if not. Includes rabies and vaccinations. Mayor Wilson said he was concerned people won't adopt at the higher fee, Mr. Morgan said they will not have a choice, all will be sterilized.
  • Chief Sherwin said required to go for wrecker bids each year, currently Busters has the contract; bid requires wreckers to have facilities within city, bid will be published soon. Mayor Wilson asked if recommendation was to not change policy; Sherwin said yes, have had no problems with current provider.
  • Approved authorizing the Interim City Manager to execute an agreement with SGR to provide interim city secretary services.
    Mr. Medford explained the need for this during Dorothy's absence.
  • Considered a preliminary plat for the Broad Street East Addition [Raising Cane's], located east of F.M. 548 and south of U.S. Highway 80.
    There was a lengthy debate about the Broad Street East Addition where Raising Cane’s would like to go. Mr. Tolliver with the developer and Mr. Montgomery from Raising Cane's stated their belief the purchase of the land did not prohibit a left turn from FM 548, and that development without that left turn was not feasible. Much of the discussion centered on TxDOT having to grant approval.
    Item was approved 6-1 (Wilson nay)
  • Approved 6-1 a final plat for the Broad Street East Addition.
    Mr. Morgan said this was same plat, should have same conditional approval.
  • Approved 6-1 approval of a site plan for Raising Cane's.
    Mr. Morgan said same as previous two items, access by 548 and 80 access road.
  • Re: requesting TxDOT to accept the findings of the Traffic Impact Analysis as stated in their August 5, 2016 correspondence to the City for the development (Raising Cane's) located on FM 548 between FM 688 and US 80.
    Mr. Medford said on Aug 5 got letter approving left turn, but there was a default letter denying that. Ms. Penn asked if there were alternatives - Mr. Medford said he hasnt seen any record of meeting with all parties. They will have a meeting tomorrow. Mr. Medford wants to make sure they have all information to put in the request. Ms. Penn asks if there needs to be a motion; Mr. Myers said he will make a motion; Mayor Wilson said they could wait.
    Mr. Myers moved sending a letter to TxDOT to revert to Aug finding. The motion was approved.
  • City Manager's report - Mr. Medford said a pedestrian study done to get crosswalk info. trinity still working on punch list; redbud - relo Atmos gas line, will repair potholes; college ave need to push back until Jan?; pump sta 2 award bid on 12th; TxDOT signal study 548 & gateway was approved; . Mr. McGee asked about attendance at rink - Mr. Curry said it's tracking ahead of expectation. Mr. Moon asked about fixing streets around Trinity, Ms. McCuiston said issues involving UP & CWD...
  • Council Comments - Mr. Johnson thk park staff for Christmas in park, well attended skating too;Ms. Penn thanks Mr. Morgan work on animal policy, excited about Cane's; Mr. Moon had good comments about skating rink; Ms. Powers thanks FD PD, food pantry solicting items; Mr. Myers appreciated the private tent at Christmas, hopes can get coml devp moving; Mr. McGee thanks Mr. Morgan, public works, welcomes Mr. Stevens; Mayor Wilson thanks all involved, Christmas was great success, grat NFH for state playoffs.
  • Held a 47-minute executive session re:
    • Mesquite Boundary Lines and Annexations
    • Wholesale Water Customers

  • Took no action.
  • Adjourned at 2044
Tuesday, 2017, December 5