Council approves water storage designs

During its regular Feb. 06, 2018 meeting, the Forney City Council met and in summary:

  • Ms. Woodham presented the 1st Quarter Budget Update - the percent of budgeted income is lower than last year, which had two payments from Luminant in first quarter. Due to contract changes, this year will only be one payment.
       Municipal Court fines were down last year and continue to be down, partly due to vacancies at the patrol level.
       Permit & inspection revenue is 51% higher than 2017, which was a record year.
       Sales tax: growth of revenue is slowing down, only 3.7% over last year, they will be watching this.
       Higher costs due to more personnel and insurance payments. Fire Dept. increase is all salaries: 3 firefighters + 1 inspector last year, and 6 new fighters this year.
       Police Dept. 13% increase, would be higher but have many vacancies.
       IT Dept. up 62%: last year moved many items into IT dept, why it looks so high. Building inspection up 175% as have new inspector & tech.
       Parks Dept. up 33% mostly insurance, plus electrical for Christmas in park & skating rink.
       City Managers Dept. up 41% due to interim manager + expenses.
       Utility fund is on track, thanks to rate increase last year. Expenses are down, due to vacancies.
       EDC revenue looks odd because they sold an asset, expenses looks off due to property taxes.
       HOT funds looks odd, as budgeted more than expected revenue because of large balance.
       Special event fund ice rink got more than expected, had over 8000 skaters.
  • Public Comment
       Susie Ray spoke saying theres not a lot going on in Forney, she's a realtor in DFW and markets Forney, clients say Forney is boring. She would like to have things to do other than the park. She asked for input on HOA site, people want bigger chain restaurants, dollar tree, bowling alley, arcade. There is not much for teenagers to do.
       Mayor Wilson suggested she speak w/ staff and EDC.
  • Approved as consent items:
    • Public Improvements for NTMWD Maintenance Building.
    • Public Improvements for RideNow Powersports.
    • Public Improvements for Whaley Drive.
    • Quarterly Investment Report ending 12/31/17.

  • Approved a Resolution approving a Professional Services Agreement for professional engineering services for the design of a 750,000 gallon elevated storage tank with Freeman Millican, Inc.
        Mr. Thatcher said staff recommends having a standard agreement. If approved, the design could ready for bid in April, 18-month project.
        Documents indicate a maximum fee of $200k.
  • Approved a Resolution approving a Professional Services Agreement for professional engineering services related to a ground storage tank and improvements to Pump Station No. 2 with Freeman-Millican, Inc.
        Mr. Thatcher said this started in 2007, hasn't changed much, some based on wholesale customer needs. Bids awarded in Dec., to be completed summer 2019. This is a cleanup item.
        Documents indicate a maximum fee of $440k.
  • Approved a professional services contract with NewEdge Services, LLP for comprehensive GIS services.
       Mr. Gonzalez said this is a standard contract. They have a decentralized system, would have to hire 2 people to fix it, either of which would cost more than this contract. The company has a great reputation, they do complete service for other cities. Mayor Wilson asked if checked bids - they also got a bid from Half & Assoc, they only bid an hourly offering, new edge is "unlimited."
        Documents indicate an annual fee of $65k for 3 years.
  • Approved an ordinance amending the Budget for the Downtown Enhancement Project.
    Ms. McCuiston said this is a formality, previously approved the changes, need to amend the budget to transfer the funds.
  • Approved a TxDOT right of way modification for the area directly in front of Homesley's Nursery & Landscape Co. at 707 W. Broad Street.
       Ms. McCuiston said staff, Mr. Medford & TxDOT staff met w/ Mr. Homesley, to use part of the Right-of-Way for loading/unloading, he wants TxDOT to add gravel to prevent trucks from backing onto the service road. Mr. Homesley will provide the gravel & maintenance. Mr. Moon asked about liablity. Mr. Thatcher said could look at it.
       Mr. Homesley told staff he attended TxDOT meetings & was told be no problem doing this. Staff did express concerns about customers parking on the area, and visibility with semi trucks there. Ms. Penn asked who said there would be no problem - TxDOT. TxDOT engineer was with staff when met w/ Mr. Homesley and was not familiar with those comments, all requests must be submitted.
       Mayor Wilson said the design of the intersection changed, and some of the business there were affected by the changes. Mr. Thatcher said, regarding liability, this is not city R.O.W., that provides a buffer for the city, council would only approve to submit the application.
  • City Manager's report -
       Mr. Stevens said at the retreat the lights downtown were mentioned, they have been fixed, are essentially Christmas lights, need a better solution.
    Curbing at Bois d'Arc & Front is done, along with a crosswalk.
       Feb 26 planned work session. Thanks to PD for arrest in Chestnut Meadows & citizens for videos. sending reps to conference ... Mr. Myers asked about document for retreat?>
  • Held a 53-minute executive session re:
    • Water Rate Appeal, PUC Docket No. 46662; SOAH Docket No. 473-17-4964.WS
    • Water Rate Appeal, PUC Docket No. 47814; SOAH Docket No. 473-18-1344.WS
    • Amicus Brief, Court of Appeals No. 06-17-00054-CV
    • City Manager
    • Gateway Development

  • Mr. Johnson moved to authorize city atty to join in Amicus in support of Northlake, cause # 06-17-00054-CV. Motion was approved.
  • Adjourned at 20:12
Tuesday, 2018, February 6