Forney EDC awards Bois d'Arc facade grant

During its regular Feb. 08, 2018 meeting, the Forney Economic Development Corp. met and in summary:

  • Financial report:Mr. Burrus said 1/3 through the year, projected revenue slightly below 1/3 but ahead of last year, spending still in check. Mr. Ketteman said at Tues council meeting, Ms. Woodham stated sales tax was down a bit, and Mr. Paul Stevens stated they were waiting on Dec. check, not sure why it's down but will keep watch.
  • Executive Director's report: Mr. Ketteman said joint EDC & council meeting was productive, and mentioned the upcoming Gateway meeting, where they may take action, if needed. He spoke about the John Bunker Sands Wetlands, which filters water for the lake. Ms. Ballard has purchased the building next to Crumbzz and is pondering plans for it. Downtown entry signage: they are trying to locate spots to put signage. Mr. McGregor following up on work Ms. Griffith did regarding undeveloped / vacant properties downtown. Ms. Browning said many properties on the list are not vacant, such as Wood's - Mr. Ketteman said they own more lots near the business that are vacant. Some properties have homes that are rental or vacant, who might be willing to sell.
  • Held Public Hearings -
    • A project to be undertaken by the Corporation to promote new or expanded business development, to wit: the provision of land for the development of a small office and retail complex, to be located at the northeast corner of Main and Chestnut Street.
        There was no public input.

  • Approved a facade grant ($10k exterior, $5k interior) for 205 N. Bois d'Arc - Mr. Stewart said Tim Boles at Forney Radiator, next to Wes Crenshaw (who received a facade grant) are working together to achieve the same remodeling. Mr. Ketteman said the two-story building is for sale, realtors say there is quite a lot of interest, but it hasn't sold yet. They toured the building, it is in great shape, upstairs has original hardwood floor. Billie Kasper said to tell people she is Not going out of business. The drawback is parking - the lot on the side is actually right-of-way owned by the city.
  • Held a 76-minute executive session.
  • Reconvened into open session, took no action, adjourned at 8:20 pm.
Thursday, 2018, February 8