FISD Construction Workshop

During a Feb. 22, 2018 meeting, the Forney Independent School District Board met and in summary:

  • Held a 2-hour & 10-minute executive session re:
    • Hiring of New Superintendent
    • Employment of Professional Contract Personnel
    • Purchase, Exchange, or Value of Real Property
    • Consultation with Legal Counsel Regarding Various Legal Issues and Other Issues as Permitted by Law

  • Moved to approve New superintendents' contract as discussed in executive session, employ contract personnel as presented, took no action on real property.
  • Construction Workshop -
  • Consideration and Possible Action Regarding Design and Development Conversion Plans
       Gary Rademacher said they are at the end of design development phase, at half-way point in project, design has been refined, working with Gallegher on costs, tonight will be approving documents for bids.
       For Smith an Rhae additions, they are required to have two stairways; one will be outside. A section called "The Hub" will contain flexible classrooms.
       There will be "learning stairs" between the floors, which could be used for assemblies.
       Many items in the new building will be on wheels, combined with movable partitions.
       Von Gallegher presented cost estimates to the board, construction of 16.4 + interior renovations = 16.9 million.
       Mr. Andrews asked about the operable glass; those are the movable glass panels, the quantity of which will depend on final budget.
       Mr. Bell asked what the population increase would be; Dr. Terry said 450 students at each campus.
       Ms. Green said she would prefer frosted glass; Mr. Andrews prefers clear. Mr. Bell suggested using sheetrock and tile, Ms. McWilliams said the glass can be used as a whiteboard.
       Dr. Terry said event parking area at Rhae will likely be crushed rock. Smith is able to use NFHS parking.
       Sample materials and colors were shown; Vinyl tiles will be used for labs.
       There was a long discussion about using acoustical tile.
       Forney Academic Center (FAC) - for safety, need to keep bus and parent traffic separate.
       The chapel will be a multi-purpose commons area with movable furniture.
       With essentially two campuses, staff will have offices in both areas; secondary students will never go into the Pre-K area.
       Mr. Gallagher said the construction + soft costs will be just under 3 million.
       These plans will provide space for about 1200 more students at about 1/2 usual cost.
       Mr. Bell asked about permits; staff did early submittals, updates will be quicker and shouldn't be a problem. Dr. Terry said the City has been good to work with.
       The board approved the current design and development plans.
  • Adjourned at 2139.
Thursday, 2018, February 22