P&Z denies AG rezoning and park-less final phase

During its regular July 05, 2018 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met and in summary:

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Failed to approve an Ordinance rezoning 2.89 acres of property from AG, Agricultural to SF-15, Single-Family Residential. The property is located north of W. U.S. Highway 80 and east of Lovers Lane.Watch Video
          Mr. Morgan briefed the members, stating this was just for the 2.89 acres, to join with the rest of the property. AG and vacant to East, North is zoned SF15, West is existing homes SF20. Staff received no response to notices.
          Mr. Bill Wade said he has been here before, several times over the years. He said there are a lot of subdivisions with small homes, Forney Ranch, Clements Ranch. Traffic in the morning is horrendous. Gateway got pushed through. Council just approved paying $151k to move a gas pipe, maybe part of $44 mil, doesn't know, 12% is a joke. If wait, someone will build nice homes there. There are drainage issues. He lived in Skyline.
          Chmn Wilcoxson asked Mr. Morgan for clarification - across the entire property, would require average 17.5k sq. ft. lots. Mr. Wilkins asked about Skyline lots- 8k min, avg 8.2k. Mr. Morgan said previous request was to lower 8k. Mr. Brothers asked about home sizes - minimum in SF15 about 2200.
          Mr. Carr said is concerned about land on 80, it's the best commercial. Are P&Z, not developers commission, should do best for city, which would be commercial.
          Mr. Crenshaw asked if this was for one house - Mr. Morgan said they plan to subdivide entire property as SF15; Mr. Thomas said they need the 2.89 acre to make the rest work.
          Mr. Thomas lived here since 1984, thought land behind Bank of America would be great commercial, but it has drainage problems, so might not get commercial here, been proven through years that's not going to happen. Mr. Carr said this lot drains well, this isn't about drainage, more about city planning, trying to be consistent. This parcel has good access, visibility and drainage for commercial. Some time TxDOT will have to improve the access road. Should have a better plan for the city.
          Chmn Wilcoxson said comp plan shows college campus; Mr. Thomas said citizens have rejected that plan twice, by TVC who was willing to put $20 mil campus there. Mr. Morgan said comp plan revised in 2016. Mr. Thomas said citizens would like a college, but not enough to pay taxes. Mr. Brothers wonders if TxDOT been approached. Agrees with Mr. Carr half the time about safety, is concerned there is no access to frontage road. Developer rep said haven't talked w/ TxDOT yet, wanted to see what the City would approve. Mr. Carr agrees should connect to access. Feels this is more useful as commercial. Have thousands of houses going in, need a better plan. Mr. Wilkins asked if this parcel is make or break for development. Mr. Brothers asked Mr. Crenshaw what he would prefer pasture land forever, but... - houses would look nice, but John has good point, already plenty of houses.
          Mr. Thomas said people always asking why not doing bigger lots - here is what they've been asking for.
          Mr. Thomas moved to approve, Mr. Brothers 2nd, failed 2-4.

  • Denied a preliminary plat for Lover's Landing, located north of W. U.S. Highway 80 and east of Lovers Lane.
        Mr. Morgan said this is the same lot, based on lot not being approved, plat would not conform.
  • Approved a final plat for Gateway Parks Addition, Phase 4A, located northeast of the intersection of S. Gateway Boulevard and F.M. 1641.
        Mr. Morgan said this is a PD approved Jan 2015, preliminary approved, 122 lots, is in consistent w/ preliminary plat. Parkland will be included in a larger dedication as discussed in Feb. 26 meeting. Mr. Carr asked about rumor that FEDC allocated money to move gas line - Mr. Morgan said he was not involved in that discussion. Mr. Carr asked where the money coming from. Mr. Thatcher said parkland dedication is ongoing, acreage will go up. The EDC owns 50 acres near where apartments being developed; Gateway will purchase it then donate to city. Atmos gas line easement must be moved. Before EDC can sell to developers, line must be moved. Preliminary numbers were over $300k, now $151k. Mr. Carr is concerned accumulating money but not park land. Mr. Thatcher said council approved new parkland ordinance, will put more emphasis on Parks Board and P&Z input. Mr. Thomas asked if this agreed w/ prelim plat? Mr. Morgan said the dedication still needs to be finalized for the overall development.

  • Approved a final plat for The Villages of Fox Hollow Phase 5B, located northeast of the Rogers Parkway and Monitor Boulevard intersection.
        Mr. Morgan said 25 acres is vacant, near school and residential; lots far exceed min required. Mr. Carr asked about intersection at monitor; Mr. Morgan said is agreement when hit certain number of lots, must add 4 lanes, this will trigger that. Mr. Carr asked if they were allowed to wait - yes.

  • Approved a preliminary plat for Lot 3, Block A, Kroger Drive North Addition, located west of F.M. 548 and north of Kroger Drive the City of Forney, Texas.
        Mr. Dixon said the plat was 0.9 acres, this will allow commercial development. It is adjacent to Pristine car wash.
        He further stated Driver's edge was presenting auto repair facility. This use is permitted as oil change / minor repair. This shows 28 parking spaces
  • Approved a final plat for Lot 3, Block A, Kroger Drive North Addition, located northwest of the Kroger Drive and Marketplace Boulevard intersection.
  • Approved a site plan for Driver's Edge, located northwest of the intersection of Kroger Drive and Marketplace Boulevard.
  • Approved a final plat for Windmill Farms Phase 3E, located south of Reeder Road and east of Iron Gate Boulevard in the Forney ETJ.
        Mr. Dixon briefed the commission on the 31 acre vacant property. A developer agreement was approved 2003. Staff notes that future phases will be limited on smaller lots.
        Mr. Cunningham asked about the limit of smaller lots - Mr. Morgan said it is percentage and a number. Mr. Wilkins asked how close are to that limit - couple hundred, he would guess about 1800 of the 2000. Chmn Wilcoxson asked % in Dallas - Mr. Morgan said 50%. Mr. Carr asked if smaller lots all in Dallas; Mr. Mr. Carr said that city of Forney has had to absorb 80% of small lots.
  • Discussed a final plat for Eagle Ridge, Phase 4, located southeast of the intersection of Ridgecrest Road and Longhorn Lane.Watch Video
        Mr. Morgan said this is the final phase, 39 acres, Hamblen Estates, preliminary plat approved in 2008. Controlled by PD; average lot size meets requirement. There is a layout change due to gas line easement. Ordinance states plat must substantially conform w/ prelim. This doesn't fall under the new parkland ordinances. PD shows only 4 acres being dedicated; developer anticipated a park after relocating gas line, which is no longer viable. Parks Board recommended fees in lieu of, slightly over $300k. What they tried to donate as park land will be HOA.

        Mr. Carr lives across the street, due to fees policy, only have 1.2 acres for 350 houses , now adding 140 homes w/ zero parkland. The policy has robbed their neighborhood of parkland. Relocating the gas line is not the city's problem. Now have 500 houses w/o parkland, it's not acceptable. Need that greenspace; Mustang Creek defines part of the city as it runs through the middle.
        The original plan was to have a walkway along the drainage area, to connect to city park, this destroys that plan. It was allowed because the Parks Board felt sorry for the developer.
        Mr. Wilkins asked if the space would be wild grassland; Mr. Morgan said must be maintained, is 13 acres, which include the creek of 9 acres. Mr. Thomas asked about land on other side of creek; Mr. Morgan said is residential. Being built now, 38 lots. Mr. Thomas asked if it had parkland; no, PD had park going in last phase. Chmn Wilcoxson asked about the note about non-compliance; Mr. Morgan said PD has language that might override, he suggested executive session. Mr. Thomas asked if denied, would they have to comply w/ new park ordinance; no.

  • Held a 50-minute executive session re:
  • Unanimously voted to deny final plat for Eagle Ridge, Phase 4. Mr. Carr said after the vote that the plat had 3 strikes against it: didn't meet PD requirements, preliminary plat, or park land requirements. If there was anything to get closer to PD, that would help. One problem is lack of connectivity, which is related to park plan. It was planned to allow people to move along Mustang Creek. There's very little park land in the area.

    There is parkland nearby, might entertain fees in lieu if know they would go to Pinson Farm. But still need sidewalks along w/ pedestrian bridge across Mustang Creek. Chmn Wilcoxson asked about reduction in sidewalks; Mr. Carr said they built reduced sidewalks from 8 to 6 wide.

  • Mr. Morgan said next meeting will be election for officers. He did thank Lemons and Bowen for their service.
  • Adjourned at 20:32.
Thursday, 2018, July 5