P&Z considers PD mod's plus new PDs w/ town-homes and data centers

During its regular Aug. 06, 2020 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met to consider modifying Brookville (smaller lots in Ph. 2) and Wellington Ridge PDs (removing SF + MF), zoning for Trailhouse Park PD and Project Liberty PD (a data-center development).(watch official video)

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Denied an Ordinance amending the Brookville Estates Planned Development (Ordinances 1066 and 1137) by amending the development standards and concept plan for Phase 2.
          Mr. Morgan said PD approved Dec. 2002, with maximum 303 lots averaging 8,991 sq ft.  Phase 1 plat recorded 2003 w/ 148 lots w/ average 8,577 sq ft.  Phase two must average over 9,200 sq ft to meet ordinance.  Request amendments from SF 10 to SF 6, changing average lot sizes to 8,200 sq ft.  Difference is about 1k sq ft.  Also change max 303 to 308, increase min home size from 1500 to 1800.  Requires 30% homes over 2k ft, current PD ordinance requires some 2,200, averages about the same.  No parks in the area the fees could be used for.  One response to public notices received, opposed to request.
          Keith Wilkins, who lives across this from development, was on P&Z when originally approved.  It was supposed to have larger lot sizes when went in, they were told larger lots would be in phase 2.  Should have been around 9,400 sq ft.  The walking trail is now just an easement.  They were told the gas company didn't want a trail on easement.  P&Z has been doing well at holding developers to original plans, such as Lovers Landing.
          Clint Richardson with applicant stated this started due to adjacent land being purchased by FISD, so original plan was no longer workable.  They worked with FISD, coordinating streets, then reviewed the PD.  The 1.6 acres of park-land (which cities are moving away from - small parks) (was removed).  Longhorn and Heritage were turned to avoid being used to cut through to FISD.  Added open cul-de-sac for kids to get to school.  Preserved linear HOA area along trail.  Re: Mr. Wilkins comments - asking for 308 lots due to the 1.6 acres park land removal.  The trail: They are not original developers, purchased the land for phase 2, don't know what previous developer committed to.  They have engaged Atmos about the trail.  He discussed negotiations with staff on the changes.  They picked SF-6 as it seems most applicable, but they reserved most features of the SF-10 zoning.  The 8,200 average is lower than original, but builders do plans in 5-ft increment widths, increasing the lot widths would not affect home sizes, also hasn't affect appraisal values.  This would add more homes on the same amount of streets.  They removed the current 1,500 minimum, if city want to preserve the 10% at 2,200 they would.
          Mr. Bingham asked about building materials - will they be mostly masonry, to match the rest of area? Mr. Richardson said that would be the intent, would not want to depart from existing style.  Mr. Morgan said not something can regulate by ordinance.
          Ms. Holler said extra lots were due to park-land, but they could keep same # lots and not decrease lots size.  Putting more houses on a street isn't appealing.  She said a walking trail should be bare minimum, and was on original plan.  The open cul-de-sac would be great, but unclear if sidewalk there.  Mr. Richardson said ROW for road A has a hike & bike trail along one side, they can add a note to make it clear there would be a connection there.
          Motion to deny was approved.  Mr. Traylor & Chmn. Shimkus opposed.
    • Approved a replat of the Intex Addition Replat, Lot 1A, Block 1.
          Mr. Morgan said this is 709-713 W. Broad St.  3 buildings on 4.23 acres.  This would separate the 3 buildings.
    • Approved an Ordinance to rezone 108.2 acres of land from Planned Development (Ordinance 19-15) to a Planned Development with Light Industrial (LI) and General Retail underlying zoning. The property is located southwest of the U.S. Highway 80 and Clements Drive (F.M. 460) intersection.
          Mr. Morgan said this is Wellington Ridge PD, approved May 2019 w/ SF, MF and retail.  This would become retail at intersection and LI south of that.  The current PD has 308 SF + 259 MF, all would convert to LI.  It is adjacent to power plant, which was opposed to residential.  There are not a lot of changes from base zoning.  No responses received to public notices. 
          Ms. Holler recused herself.  Mr. Thatcher asked IT to remove her from the virtual meeting.  Chmn. Shimkus asked if losing 567 units - yes.  Mr. Chambers asked if TxDOT planned to widen bridge - Mr. Zook said yes, with future Hwy 80 expansion, don't have a timeline on that.  Mr. Chambers said there is a lot of development there on the North side.  Chmn. Shimkus said loss of the 567 residential will help traffic a lot.  Mr. Chambers agreed, but will have more large trucks using the bridge .  Mr. Zook said TxDOT will require Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA).  Mr. Helm asked about portion not owned - Mr. Grooms, consultant and former mayor, said they have made many attempts to purchase it, the owners are holding the property.
    • Approved an Ordinance to rezone 38.526 acres of land from Commercial district and General Retail district to a Planned Development Overlay District with base zoning districts designated as Commercial District and MF-15 District. The property is located north of E. U.S. Highway 80 and west of Trailhouse Lane.
          Ms. Holler recused herself from this item also.  Mr. Morgan said it is now split zoning: General Retail, Commercial.  This will be new usage with commercial, MF & Town-homes.  Adjacent to 80 would be retail, then hotel and office, and then residential.  Connected by a trail.  Requesting 32 units / acre: maximum MF 325, 60 town-homes Requesting added building height, usually limited to 36, the PD would allow 60 ft for MF, 75 for hotel, 55 for commercial.  Staff has no objection to height requests.  Pylon signs are planned consistent with the area.  Comprehensive plan has no listed use for this land.  No responses to public notices.
          Mr. Grooms said good opportunity to move the 567 Wellington Ridge units to here, losing 182 units in the process.  This will offer shopping and first walk-able development.  This will target the young professional market.  Mr. Traylor asked about the parking ratio for MF - Mr. Grooms said 1.35 plus garages, being 1 & 2 bedroom units plus being walk-able should work.  Average rents? Market rent, 18-24 months to be available.  Nearby is $1300, should be about that or more.  Mr. Bingham asked if town-homes be owned or rented - rented.  The rental market is hot in Forney, everything for rent is an apartment, market studies show a need for town-homes.  Managed by a property owner, so all will be maintained.  Chmn. Shimkus asked about timeline for retail - MF is first, retail brokers said are very nervous due to COVID.  Working w/ EDC, would be required to bring in 2500 sq ft retail in four years.  These would be additional customers for the retail. 
          Mr. Wilkins asked about the town-homes - what about the units at end of Longhorn? Mr. Grooms said Brooklyn Village are cottage homes, town-homes are more like a condo, multi-story.
    • Approved an Ordinance to rezone 49.498 acres of land from Mixed Use (MU) district to a Planned Development with Mixed Use underlying zoning. The property is located south of W. U.S. Highway 80 and west of the W. U.S. Highway 80 and W. Broad Street intersection.
          Mr. Morgan this is for data center and commercial, currently zoned MU, access by Hwy 80 service road.  PD has regulations different from standard, height is 75 ft.  Off-street loading spaces must have landscape buffer.  This follows typical MU standards.  Four data center buildings are listed: two 75k, two 128k sq ft. Two commercial buildings: 90k + 93K.  Comp. plan has no use listed.  Plan shows future connection to Main or Pacific.  Roadway Extensions usually not discussed with PD, he and Mr. Zook looked at thoroughfare plan, such an extension is not listed.  It would have to be added as a project to use impact fees.
          No responses to public notices.
          Applicant Angela Hunt with Blue Ladder narrated a presentation - the 49 acres will have data centers and retail.  Blue ladder has extensive experience in projects over $500 million, worked with DoD state on complex overseas facilities.  Currently vacant, to SW is power plant, N. along 80 is 1 story office park and heavy equipment (Deen Implement).  Adjacent uses are AG.  This is $346 million non-residential development.  Data centers are in high demand, 4 phases over 6 - 10 years.  Phases 1 & 2 data centers would be along Main St.  Phase 3 would be 2 data centers in center.  Last phase would be office/retail uses along Hwy 80, included paving of main street to Pinson.  Public access from Main St. limited for security concerns.  They will need a small electrical substation.  facade articulation requirements included.  Data centers do not have heavy needs for parking or traffic.
          Mr. Bingham asked about paving of Main Street, which is currently caliche - Ms. Hunt said they will pay the $800k+ for that along with construction of first data center.
          Chmn. Shimkus verified first data center is on back side near Main - yes, phase 1 will include reconstruction of Main St. and will be the main access at first.
    • Approved an Ordinance amending the City of Forney Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance by amending fence regulations.
          Mr. Morgan said staff talked to fence contractors - pickets are sold in 6 and 8 ft heights, as current max is 8 ft, they have to cut the pickets, doesn't make sense.  Would be logical to add 4 inches.  Inspectors are enforcing the rules at 8.0 ft.

  • Approved a final plat for the Avery Addition, located at the southeast corner of F.M. 548 and F.M. 741.
        Mr. Morgan said this is Stonecreek Veterinary, has some easements that require final plat be approved.
  • Approved a right of way final plat for Akron Way.
        Mr. Morgan said this is S. of Goodyear, the next 3 items are to extend the road East to Terrell's ETJ.  This is 1.79 acres.
  • Approved a right of way final plat for Sage Hill Parkway.
        Mr. Morgan said Akron way will change into Sage Hill, 4.8 acres, 120 ft. ROW.
  • Approved a right-of-way final plat for Sierra Parkway and Akron Way/Sage Hill Parkway.
        Mr. Morgan said Akron way Sierra intersects in the Forney ETJ, 6.6 acres of 120 ft. ROW.
  • Approved a site plan for City Park Storage at 110 Justice Center Drive.
        Mr. Morgan said this will be two building behind Justice center, sized at 5686 and 3862 sq ft, using vertical metal wall panels which conform to national building standards and state law.
  • Chmn. Shimkus said he will be looking hard at any new apartment requests.
  • Adjourned at 19:47.
Thursday, 2020, August 6