P&Z reconsiders Silver Crossing PD

During its regular Sep. 03, 2020 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met to consider revised Silver Crossing PD, thoroughfare plan, Parc at Windmill Farms Addition.
(watch official video)

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Denied an Ordinance to rezone 53.94 acres from Light Industrial district to a mixed use Planned Development district with multi-family, townhome, office and retail uses. The property is located east of North F.M. 548, south of Don T. Cates Drive and is identified by the Kaufman County Appraisal District as property id's 7769 and 7770.
          Mr. Morgan said this was discussed in July, this is a revised version - removed 100 MF, added 74 TH.  Base zoning is Mixed-Use (MU), Multi-Family (MF) with 420 units, Townhomes (TH) with 114 units, and retail along 548.  Four office / retail areas:
      • Office North: 23k sq. ft
      • Office Central: 88k sq. ft
      • Retail N. Central: 25k sq ft retail, 7.5k sq ft restaurant
      • Retail West: 27.6k sq. ft retail, 6.4k sq ft restaurant

          Phase 1 allows 130 TH, 40k retail/office, then could construct 420 MF.  Includes extending Ridgecrest, 2 connections to FM 548.  Traffic Impact Analysis/study (TIA) must be approved before development.  No response to public notices.  Land use map shows this as potentially appropriate for MF.  Council has expressed concerns about adding MF in general.
          Mr. John Kendall said initial plan was 720 MF, removed 300 units, added 54 TH.  After meeting w/ council, added more TH.  Re: traffic - a team member monitored traffic at the location, they noted 125 18-wheelers pulling onto the road.  Traffic Engineers say that will impact traffic.  They have offered Steve Silver a way to connect, allowing trucks to use an intersection which will drastically improve traffic there.  They have followed the 2016 comprehensive plan.  Still looking at a $100 million project.
          There was no public input.
          Ms. Holler verified the TIA has not been done - Mr. Kendall said that's correct: before they can go vertical with anything, they will require an official study.  Before the chair called for a motion, Ms. Holler moved to deny.  After a second by Mr. Chambers, Mr. Bingham asked about the TIA: would it be accurate considering the impact of COVID, which has caused less commuting, for conditions 3 years from now when the project breaks ground? Mr. Kendall said it would be unfair, it would benefit them to do it now; TIA must be done before development.  Mr. Bingham asked if they were delaying the TIA to be more accurate? Yes, and to save money; doing it now would make it look good for them.  Mr. Bingham said the motion to deny should be denied, he thinks the developer is trying to be honest.  Chr. Shimkus said they specifically requested a TIA at last meeting.  Mr. Bingham replied it would be inaccurate if done now.
          Motion to deny was approved 5 - 1 (Bingham nay).

    • Approved an amendment to the City of Forney Thoroughfare Plan and Map.
          Mr. Morgan said this would remove CR 225 S. of 80 to S. edge of map (going through power plant and flood plain), Pecan Lane from CR 225 to new road S. of Shands, add Sagehill Pkwy, Sierra Pkwy, road S. of Akron Way which would impact 2nd Amazon property.

  • Approved a preliminary plat for the Justice Center, Lot 1, Block 1, located at the northeast corner of F.M. 548 and Justice Center Drive.
        Mr. Morgan said this includes the storage buildings approved last month.
  • Approved a final plat for the Parc at Windmill Farms Addition, Lot 1, Block A, located north of U.S. Highway 80 and west of Windmill Farms Boulevard in the City of Forney, Texas, ETJ.
        Mr. Morgan said this is MF area, they completed the project but never recorded final plat.  This plat was approved by council a year ago; it is now expired.  Consists of 18.54 acres, still complies with subdivision ordinances.
  • Adjourned at 1852
Thursday, 2020, September 3