CIP considers revisions to water/sewer plan

During its regular Sep. 03, 2020 meeting, the Forney Capital Improvements Advisory Committee met to review proposed changes for water and sewer plan.

  • Mr. Richard Dormier briefed the committee on proposed changes.  Ms. Holler asked about uncompleted projects - Mr. Dormier said some expected development did not occur.  This is a 10-year plan, must be reviewed every 5 years.  Much of the growth expected for the 10 years (in the current plan) has occurred in 5 years.  Mr. Shimkus asked about oversized lines - that could happen if Windmill Farms approves a proposed project, and the city is able to work with them.  If the city does it alone, could need a 24 inch line.  Mr. Dormier presented a proposed timeline for updating the plan: Two public hearings will be held by council. Forney has been proactive (on water / sewer) infrastucture.
        Mr. Shimkus asked about water capacity - Mr. Dormier said city's in good shape, just completed 2nd phase of pump station two, adding capacity.  Wasn't needed 5 years ago.  This will be reimbursed in the proposed CIP plan.
  • Adjourned at about 1820
Thursday, 2020, September 3