Council awards commendations to two local citizens

During its regular Feb. 04, 2020 meeting, the Forney City Council met to award commendations to two citizens, hear Pinson Farm Park project, hear more about racism, confirm Capital Improvements Advisory Committee.(watch official video)

  • Police Commendations - Chief Lunt presented awards to two citizens for events that happened on Jan. 20:
    • Mr. Richard Mitchell came to the aid of officer Aldridge who confronted a suspected shop-lifter at Wal-Mart, which resulted in a struggle for the officer's weapon. Mr. Mitchell helped the officer gain control.
    • Mr. Henry Hicks was on the scene of the two-fatality crash and pulled an occupant from a vehicle that was on fire, thereby saving the person's life.

  • Pinson Farm Park Presentation - Mr. Rouvaldt briefed the council on the formation of the committee and planning so far.   He stated the project is currently unfunded.   David and Renee from ArchiTexas spoke about the process, and history of Pinson Farm, which dates from 1888 and received the Family Land Heritage 100-year award.   The 16 acres has a pond, many cedar elms, 5 structures; the home is from the 20's, which still has historic wallpaper and flooring.   There is a longhorn building, the hay-barn might have been relocated.   Most structures are in fair condition.   They referred to 1968 aerial photo for historic aspects.   They have produced a final concept plan.   It would include original plants, an orchard, vegetable garden.   They propose a farm incubator, which would be run by Non-Profit volunteers.   Could hold educational classes, tours, harvest days, family events.   Barns would be updated with hard surface, water and power.   Estimates 6-8 months for design, 12-16 for construction.
        Mr. Thomas asked about house size: under 2000 sq ft.   He asked how they knew it was a catalog house - research indicates it probably is.   He asked what the house use could be - desperately need places for groups to meet.   David said it would cater to smaller groups, not enough parking for large groups.   Mr. Thomas said if were to put in a large structure, would need more concrete for parking.   Mr. Moon said the integrity of the catalog house is cool, shouldn't bust it up or modernize.   Mayor Penn asked about parking; are about 80 spots.   Ms. Audra Carr spoke, this is a valuable property for Forney, and for historic preservation.   There could be room for a museum, plus small venue uses.   There is a need for library, both these items could be done.   Mayor Penn asked if a museum was part of this - Ms. Carr said the renovation is important, many things are in storage that could be used.   The barn is historic, hand-hewn lumber.   There could be room for a larger venue, but the parking is a problem.   Mr. Thomas said this would be funded by the public, with a bond.   This is still a piece of Forney.   Mr. Myers visited a museum near Wills Point, which had several buildings each with historic elements; need to make sure have room for buses.   Mr. Johnson said excited to see recreating some black-land prairie with original plants.
  • Public Comment
    • Mr. Dan Garner spoke thanked them for bring Statue of Liberty back.   He mentioned the break-in at CiCi's, wondered if plans were being made to combat this increase in crime.   Mayor Penn directed him to contact Mr. Carson later.
    • Mayor Penn had someone alert Mr. John Daniels, who was out in the hall, that he was next - he then said he was there to approach the racist council board, who has raped and robbed his community, roads are death-traps.   He asked Mayor Penn and Mr. Carson if they would meet with peoples of color; when they didn't respond, he declared them guilty as charged.   He said he would be the new mayor, showed his application form, and he met with another person who would also run for Mayor.   He said the mayor was an embarrassment and a disgrace, she was so drunk at the ball drop she had to be held up, and that City Manger Tony was too drunk to stand.   He left (the event) early, but got calls from family and friends about it.   He said attorney John lied on him and the district attorney.   The city put his information on the website without his permission.   He offered Mayor Penn and Mr. Carson a fifth of whiskey and a 6-pack of beer if they would walk out and resign, then said the Mayor looked drunk now.

  • Approved as one consent item:
    • a Resolution authorizing continued participation with the ATMOS Cities Steering Committee authorizing the payment of membership dues to fund regulatory and related activities related to the Atmos Energy Corporation.
    • a Resolution approving an updated Interlocal Cooperation Contract between the City of Forney and the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS), to implement the provisions of Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 706, related to the Failure to Appear Program for municipal courts.
    • a Resolution supporting the U.S. Census Bureau 2020.
    • a Resolution to extend the depository banking contract with American National Bank for a one year term.
    • Approval to Accept Public Improvements - Reeder Road Extension #3 and Meadow Ridge Farm Sanitary Sewer Extension Phase 1

  • Accepted Public Improvements - Gateway Pines Apartments
        Mr. Thomas said the packet stated the Panera Bread project was listed in the summary.   Mr. Zook said they would correct the error.
  • Vision 2025 -- Goals and Initiatives: no update
  • Approved a Resolution restating the appointment of the Planning and Zoning Commission as the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee and appointing any required ad hoc members pursuant to Chapter 395 of the Texas Local Government Code.
        Mr. Thatcher said when they approved service with Freeman-Millican, state law regulating impact fees requires a committee.   A previous council passed an ordinance setting the P&Z as the base for that committee, as long as one member has experience in development or real estate.   There also needs to be a need for one member from the ETJ, which could be appointed at next meeting.
  • Approved an Ordinance amending Chapter 13 Utilities of the Code of Ordinances.
        Ms. Woodham said their procedures differ slightly from ordinance, this would correct that by changing the sewer averaging of usage, return of security deposits, fees for disconnection may be paid until 10 AM that day, all of which benefit citizens.
  • City Manager's report - First 4 months of fiscal year had most commercial permits since 2012.  
  • Council Comments - Mr. Myers thanked staff and Pinson committee; Mr. Moon thanked police chief; Mr. Johnson thanked staff and Pinson committee, and the two citizens who helped PD instead of just taking pictures with cell phones; Mayor Penn thanked Mr. Beason & committee, and Chief Lunt recognizing the two citizens.
  • Held a 80-minute executive session re:

    • Appointments to the Kaufman County Appraisal District Board
    • Interlocal Agreement with the ISD for police communications and detention services
    • Reinvestment Zone Number One, City of Forney - Project Plan and Finance Plan
    • Public Information Officer

  • Adjourned at 2046.
Tuesday, 2020, February 4