HOZ ARB considers request for 306 and 312 S. Center St.

During its regular Aug. 11, 2020 meeting, the Forney HOZ Architecture Review Board met to discuss fencing at 312 S. Center, and fencing plus additional structures at 306 S. Center.

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Approved a request for a certificate of appropriateness, in accordance with the Historic Overlay Zone district regulations, for fence changes to the property at 312 S. Center Street.
          Mr. Morgan said it's a simple request, want to replace a chain-link fence with picket fence matching the front fence.  No responses received to public notices.
          Mr. Parker is in favor of pickets replacing chain-link.
    • Approved a request for a certificate of appropriateness, in accordance with the Historic Overlay Zone district regulations, for a pool, cabana, and fence to be constructed on the property at 306 S. Center Street.
          Mr. Morgan said main structure has been remodeled, a new garage was constructed. 
          Also requesting a new privacy fence, along all sides, 6 ft white vinyl.  Ordinance provides broad guidelines, but states accessory buildings and pools should be at rear of property.  Section 34.E does not regulate fences, 4 ft would normally be maximum height for front fence, request is 6 ft. all the way to street.
          The pool will be in-ground.  About the 6 ft fence - Mr. Sellers said could bring it back 24 ft to line up with the house, he doesn't want 2 different height fences.  Across the street has 6 ft wrought iron fence around entire property.  Ms. Blair said that is historically appropriate, this style would be better starting at the house.  Mr. Sellers said he's good w/ starting at the house, but asked if could put a 3 ft fence in front - people walk through his front yard often, coming from DPS.
          Mr. Parker has no problem w/ pool and cabana, but has a serious problem with privacy fence - they have no place in a historic district, no matter the height.  He could grow hedges, or put in a picket fence.  He doesn't understand why Mr. Sellers chose to move into a historic district and try to modernize it.  If they allow this, everyone is the district could put them in.  Ms. Stephens (daughter) said a picket fence requires a lot of maintenance.  Mr. Sellers said when this is done, it will be a showplace. He doesn't like wrought iron.  Ms. Stephens said if were rules about keeping up maintenance, a neighbor has old washing machines, and AC units - they don't want to look at that.  Mr. Sellers said he spent $357k on the house, they act like he hasn't done anything.  Last time they argues with him about the garage style.  He's trying to make the house a showpiece, it's unfair they are fighting him.  Mr. Parker said privacy fence is only applicable to blocking traffic noise.  Ms. Stephens said they never thought would be told can't put in a fence.  Mr. Hansen said what Mr. Sellers has done is fantastic, but they are trying to prevent creeping away from the historic district.  He started building the garage before it was approved, the board is trying to work with him.  Mr. Sellers said the first time he walked in he was ambushed, every time he wants to make improvement, they shut him down.
          There followed a lively discussion about the purpose of the board and regulations in the HOZ.
          Mr. Sellers said when he bought it the house it was falling down, Austin was ready to strip the historic marker, he was able to save it. 
          Ms. Blair also said she doesn't like privacy fence.  She said can get plastic picket fencing.  Mr. Sellers asked what the difference is.  Mr. Parker said isn't whether wood or plastic, it's the style.  Ms. Conaway said you can see through a picket fence.  Mr. Sellers said there are no rules for fences.  Mr. Morgan said there are no specific recommendations; Mr. Sellers said he's been in construction for 30 years, he read the rules before he submitted the request.  Mr. Morgan said it falls back to the statement about determining the nature of historic or cultural items.  Mr. Sellers said he can put gaps between the fencing, they are custom made, not like wood picket fences.  He wants vinyl to avoid future maintenance.  Ms. Stephens asked for a definition: Mr. Parker said a privacy fence is solid that blocks all view, to him that's detrimental.  Mr. Sellers said there are 1100 lineal feet around the property, he needs to know before spending the money.  After discussion, it was decided gaps should be 2 - 2.5 inches.
          Approved pool and cabana plans, white vinyl picket-style fence starting at the front edge of the house, or porch.  Mr. Sellers said he will provide a drawing to staff for them to approve.
    • Approved a request for a certificate of appropriateness, in accordance with the Historic Overlay Zone district regulations, for a barn structure to be constructed on the property at 306 S. Center Street.
          Mr. Morgan said the guidelines specify accessory building should be in the rear.  Staff did receive one call in opposition due to the number of existing accessory buildings.
          Ms. Conaway asked about the location - in the back right-hand corner.  Mr. Parker asked if the location and/or quantity suitable - Mr. Morgan said ordinance doesn't specify number of buildings, but percentage of lot coverage, this 3 acre lot is ok.  Mr. Parker asked if could specify not a living quarters - Mr. Morgan said would be a zoning violation.  Mr. Hansen asked if considered a pipe fence - no, it would be similar to chain-link.  Mr. Sellers mentioned the board wants everything to look the same - color of paint, shingles.  Now that it's done, he thinks it looks good.  The barn will be 27 ft tall, 2 ft shorter than garage - a place for his grand-kids to play.  He has enough bricks from original house to put a 3ft wall around it.  The color and shingles will be identical to the house. 

  • Adjourned at 1848.
Tuesday, 2020, August 11