Standards Commission considers action for Knox

During its regular Aug. 27, 2020 meeting, the Forney Building Standards Commission met to consider action for Knox Fuel property, at Hwy 80 & FM 460.

    Held a public hearing:
    • Required repair of a substandard structure located at 600 W. U.S. Highway 80 (Isaac Jones, Tract 40.00; 12.23 acres)
            Mr. Morgan said this is abandoned, formerly a gas station. City inspected facility in July, found broken glass and trash, which has been cleaned up. The Main issue: W. side of building, owner removed a sign but left canopy exposed. That needs to be repaired. The rear of building is missing a lot of glass, boarded up, which does not qualify as a repair. May add boards after repair done. Metal posts need repair, chipping paint is considered a nuisance.
            Focus is on repairing canopy, repairing rear doors and painting the chipped areas. Staff has received complaints from public which initiated this hearing.
            There was no public input.
            Asked if the property was for sale, Mr. Morgan said yes: city has encouraged them to sell and/or demolish the structure. A residential development is coming to the edge of the lot, could spur more interest. Asked if fines could be rendered, Mr. Morgan said could order demolition, but would not advise that as structure is not beyond repair. Next they could order repairs, which staff recommends. Owner has 30 days to repair, or request additional time which the board would approve. If owner does nothing, city can do repairs or issue citations.
            Asked if the commission could request owner's plans for the structure, Mr. Morgan said if they don't do repair in 30 days, will go to municipal court. If they request more time, those questions could be asked.
            The commission approved requiring repairs staff suggested.

  • Adjourned at 1815.
Thursday, 2020, August 27